Peace Cup

Handicap allowance 36.  Played in conjunction with a Medal, the top 16 nett scores qualify for 18 hole matchplay knockout event.  If all square at the end of any match ‘sudden death’ is played to ascertain the outcome.  The Final is a 36 hole matchplay event, if all square after 36 holes a further 18 hole matchplay game is to be arranged, with ‘sudden death’ to determine the outcome should this match be all square after 18.  Handicap allowance is the full difference between the two players.

Year Winner
2021 Mrs J Shkurka
2019 Mrs J Walton
2017 Mrs S Greenhough
2016 Mrs J Morris
2015 Ms M E Litchfield  
2014 Mrs S Fullerton 
2013  Mrs J N Cadman 
2012  Mrs K Harding  
2011 Mrs L Kennedy 
2010 Mrs M J Simpson
2009 Miss M A Leatherland
2008 Mrs M J Simpson
2007 Miss M A Leatherland
2006 Mrs E F Hefti
2005 Mrs V Exley
2004 Mrs V Exley
2003 Mrs J R Sharp
2002 Mrs K R Brammah
2001 Mrs V Exley
2000 Mrs L P Ireland
1999 Mrs M J Bryan
1998 Mrs V Exley
1997 Mrs D V Atkinson
1996 Mrs M Ward
1995 Mrs S E Bean
1994 Mrs M J Bryan
1993 Mrs A M Snodgrass
1992 Mrs P L Wood
1991 Mrs D L Oxley
1990 Mrs D L Oxley
1989 Mrs J L M Couch
1988 Mrs D Low
1987 Mrs M K Packett
1986 Mrs D L Oxley
1985 Mrs M K Packett
1984 Mrs M H Robinson
1983 Mrs M Eyton-Jones
1982 Mrs M K Packett
1981 Mrs J E Robinson
1980 Mrs I Parker
1979 Mrs I Parker
1978 Mrs P Sugden
1977 Mrs R A Gent
1976 Mrs J C Ramsden
1975 Mrs M K Packett
1974 Mrs M Mason
1973  Mrs M McCracken 
1972  Mrs I Parker
1971  Mrs I Parker
1970  Mrs J B Crosland 
1969 Mrs D Callaghan
1968 Mrs W D Webster
1967 Mrs J Newton
1966 Mrs W D Webster
1965 Mrs J Newton
1964 Mrs C E Gent
1963 Mrs F Earnshaw
1962 Mrs F Earnshaw
1961 Mrs E C T Wade
1960 Mrs B J Kennedy
1959 Lady Binns
1958 Mrs F Earnshaw
1957 Mrs K Constantine
1956 Mrs K Constantine
1955 Mrs J B Crosland
1954 Mrs W Dufton
1953 Mrs J R Clough
1952 Mrs F Earnshaw
1951 Mrs P G Mitton
1950 Mrs P G Mitton
1949 Mrs W Barbour
1948 Miss B Akam
1947 Mrs H Gaunt
1946 Mrs G Catterick
1940 Mrs W I Cottam
1939 Mrs H Gaunt
1938 Mrs P G Mitton
1937 Mrs G G Denby
1936 Mrs W I Cottam
1935 Mrs W I Cottam
1934 Mrs W I Cottam
1933 Mrs H V Greenwood
1932 Mrs H V Greenwood
1931 Mrs H V Greenwood
1930 Miss J Parker
1929 Miss J Parker
1928 Mrs Ballanty
1927 Mrs A T Smith
1926 Miss A Neville
1925 Mrs H C Smedley
1924 Mrs H C Smedley
1923 Mrs R Webster
1922 Mrs A T Smith
1921 Mrs J H Brogden
1920 Mrs W Comfort
1919 Mrs J K Crossland
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