Club President and Men's Captain


Year President Captain
2019 Dr M L Smith J Redhead
2018 R Bottomley OBE N Baker
2017 R Bottomley OBE D Black  
2016 J N Greaves J B Ireland 
2015 J N Greaves J Bretherick
2014 P S Flesher J S Simpson 
2013 P S Flesher  B M Illingworth 
2012 P S Flesher  J Gould 
2011 P S Flesher  M Exley 
2010 J A Heap  S M Elsworth 
2009 J A Heap  J N Greaves 
2008 M E Smith  N J Gilleard 
2007 J Redhead  M L Smith 
2006 P Wilkinson  N S Howcroft 
2005 P S Flesher  D Briggs 
2004 P M Fleming  M S Sharp 
2003 W A Waxman  R M Cockroft 
2002 W M Gibson  M S Emmett 
2001 P C Dyer  J S Fletcher 
2000 G Blackburn  M S Crowther 
1999 F D Wright  M E Smith 
1998 T Shields   J G Collins 
1997 S L Holman  R P Cadman  
1996 Dr J R Atkinson   P Bretherick 
1995 G Hardwick   G A Brown  
1994 J S Moore  B Sunter 
1993 R C T Ackernley  A K Crotch 
1992 D R Atkinson   A B Atkinson 
1991 J Eyton-Jones  C F Howroyd 
1990 E Lindley  W Florence 
1989 G Asquith  J Gledstone  
1988 R N Smith  G Blackburn 
1987 J Greenwood  N Haggart 
1986 S D Packett  L Brown  
1985 E Denham  R C T Ackernley 
1984 N B Robinson  Dr J R Atkinson 
1983 Rev J Lennox  J H Cadman  
1982 C J Renard  R N Read 
1981 G M Clough  J M C Dennis 
1980 A C Tetlow  W G Harker 
1979 G A Murray  D W Barraclough 
1978 W A Heap  R A Gent 
1977 J H Brunton  G M Shaw 
1976 A Dunn G W Butterfield
1975 P Sugden H A Barker
1974 J A Hunter R N Smith
1973 I E B Dufton J R Atkinson 
1972 J A C Williamson G M Clough
1971 A H Laver G A Murray
1970 T W Kelly E J Walshe
1969 F Akroyd J H Brunton
1968 C S Place E E Mason
1967 R L Southwell T B Ramsden
1966 T H Burdon M T Riddell
1965 S Illingworth B F Rhodes
1964 G C H Tinsley A C Tetlow
1963 L G Smith J A Hunter
1962 E Riley R L Southwell
1961 H L Wortley T H Burdon
1960 R W Ackernley I E B Dufton
1959 E S Stead J A C Williamson
1958 L Thornber J Gibson
1957 P N Denby A H Laver
1956 J D Ackernley A G Airey
1955 F Earnshaw N Hay
1954 E T Haslam R W Ackernley
1953 T A Slingsby J H Williamson
1952 L W Riley P N Denby
1951 R A Smith J D Ackernley
1950 G N Slingsby J H Williamson
1949 J H Raby J B Crosland
1948 W Dunn L W Riley
1947 Wm C Bottomley E T Haslam
1946 T H Mitchell L Thornber
1945 A B Thoseby J H Raby
1944 A Highley R R Jackson
1943 W Barbour R W Hornshaw
1942 A R Bentley G N Slingsby
1941 H Jaques G C H Tinsley
1940 R W Hornshaw J R Clough
1939 Dr E S Sharpe A A Haslam
1938 A W Bradbury A Highley
1937 A Wilkinson R A Smith
1936 Smith Bailey W C Bottomley
1935  J L Wade  J W Haigh 
1934  S Carr  G G Denby 
1933  A Sowden  F Earnshaw Jnr 
1932  J W Sowden  R C Ackernley 
1931  F A Haslam   J L Wade 
1930 A V Smith M Akam
1929 J Clough S Carr
1928 M Akam  H C Smedley
1927 R C Ackernley G H Mitton
1926 H C Smedley R Webster
1925 C W Boyce S Owthwaite
1924 T Salter A Mazurkiewicz      
1923 R Webster J Clough
1922 W J Slingsby A Sowden
1921  G H Eady  T Salter 
1920 R A Millington T Salter
1919 F Lister W J Slingsby
1918 A C Conder W J Slingsby
1917 Wm Illingworth W J Slingsby
1916 R J Sugden J C Edmonson
1915 F L Wade J C Edmonson
1914 C P Holmes G H Boardman
1913 I Lindow W Comfort
1912 F Tillotson W K Plunkett
1911 A T Robertshaw F Ogden
1910 G H Boardman F L Wade
1909 J W Sowden G A Sealey
1908 R Denison A T Robertshaw
1907 Jno E Parker H Ackroyd
1906 J Henderson J W Sowden
1905 E Baxter F Tillotson
1904 W H Maynard J Henderson
1903 W H Maynard S S Smith
1902  G Holmes  C H Smith 
1901  James Roberts  R Denison 
1900 James Roberts  W H Maynard 
1899 Lord Rosse Jno E Parker
1898 Lord Rosse H Ayrton
1897  Lord Rosse  Ellis Denby 
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