Challenge Cup

Handicap limit 36.  The best nett score from 36 hole strokeplay event.   In the event of a tie, a further 18 hole strokeplay event will take place, with the best nett score deciding the winner.

Year Winner
2021 Mrs K Harding
2019 Mrs V Exley
2018 Mrs G Fry
2017 Mrs J Cadman
2016 Mrs V Exley
2015 Mrs V Exley 
2014 Mrs H Williams 
2013  Mrs J N Cadman  
2012  Mrs K E Waddington 
2011  Miss K L Barraclough 
2010 Mrs K E Waddington 
2009 Miss M A Leatherland
2008 Mrs H L Murphy
2007 Mrs L P Ireland
2006 Mrs J R Sharp
2005 Mrs G L Fry
2004 Mrs V Greaves
2003 Mrs V Exley
2002 Mrs L P Ireland
2001 Mrs J W Allison
2000 Mrs K Brammah
1999 Mrs J M Elsworth
1998 Mrs M Waller
1997 Mrs S P Seal
1996 Mrs J Finney
1995 Mrs S Leckenby
1994 Mrs J L M Couch
1993 Mrs M Hall
1992 Mrs M K Packett
1991 Mrs A M Snodgrass
1990 Miss J A Kitching
1989 Mrs J L M Couch
1988 Mrs D V Atkinson
1987 Mr J L M Couch
1986 Mrs D V Atkinson
1985 Mrs E P Briggs
1984 Mrs D V Atkinson
1983 Mrs M H Robinson
1982 Mrs M H Robinson
1981 Mrs S Neil Smith
1980 Mrs D L Atkinson
1979 Mrs J M Cadman
1978 Mrs J M Cadman
1977 Mrs R A Gent
1976 Miss K M Waddington
1975 Mrs D L Atkinson
1974 Mrs I Parker
1973 Mrs M Hibbert
1972 Mrs B Kennedy
1971 Mrs J Connell
1970 Mrs D Callaghan
1969 Mrs R Greene
1968 Mrs K Constantine
1967 Mrs C E Gent
1966 Mrs S Waddington
1965 Mrs I Parker
1964 Miss K M Waddington
1963 Mrs W D Webster
1962 Mrs E C T Wade
1961 Miss C D Illingworth
1960 Mrs N Lund
1959 Mrs E L Fairbank
1958 Mrs B J Kennedy
1957 Mrs F Earnshaw
1956 Mrs B J Kennedy
1955 Mrs G D Burnett
1954 Mrs N Oxley
1953 Miss D Holroyd
1952  Mrs A O Craven 
1951  Mrs P G Mitton 
1950  Mrs Learoyd 
1949 Mrs S Gaunt
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